Welcome to Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island

A fun-filled sun sea and sand expedition is about to begin with a simple step into Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island. The natural vivid greeneries of Pulau Redang offer a portal for nature lover to embark on a whole new and exciting vacation like no others. Set among the white sandy beach, sheltering all the lush greeneries of the island is where our resort stands. Equip with an excellent landscape that is free from strong wind and huge sea waves, also known as the heaven for beach lovers, makes this island a great location for our resort

Loud roar and constant laughter can be heard while you are in Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island, as this is a land of joy. Each and every hotel guests will be entertained and swap off their feet with the sense of happiness and relaxation during their stay here. Friendly and outgoing hotel staffs will greet each guest with warm smiles and welcoming greetings each time; making our resort one of the friendliest resort around the island. Aiming to wash away all worries and stress of our guest, we at Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island only offers the best of the best. Every requests and enquiries of our guests will be answered almost immediately. What's more we too will cheer our guest will heartfelt gift such as chocolate or fruit platter upon arrival.

Embracing the warmth of the sun, the calming whispers of the sea, and the soft touches of the sand allows hotel guests to grip onto the magical sensation like no others. Despite the beautiful landscape, our resort is designed in a home liked manner that allows great comfort and at the same time enhance great traveling pleasure. Having a sophisticated yet chic interior and exterior, hotel guests will feel at home during their stay here. What's' more, we also offer a wide selection of amenities that add hype to the whole staying experience like air conditioning, walk in closet, dressing table with vanity mirror, hairdryer, bathrobes, mini fridge, cable TV, Wi-Fi connection and many more.

To add a sense of luxury to the whole accommodating voyage with Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island, we too features one of the most unusually swimming pool that sits elegantly next to the beach where hotel guests can walk right to the seaside without any barrier. Besides, the swimming pool design is somewhat 'out-door', where a small part of it is actually in-door and being sheltered by the strong culturally crafted roof.

For a more adventurous expedition, we also thrown in interesting and heart pumping activities like jungle trekking, beach volleyball, turtle watching and island hopping. Plus, to take advantage of the magical yet mysterious underwater world of the marine park, we too will lead you on a journey to the 'nemo' habitat via our snorkeling and scuba diving exploration. Hotel guests will have the chance to get close and personally with the sea creatures by swimming around them and feeding them at the same time.

After playing around with the beautiful and delicate sea creatures and coral reef, hotel guests can then head down to the Kayu Manis Restaurant for some food. Here, international as well as local cuisines can definitely satisfy all our guests' food craves. The strong aromatic dishes and yummy knick-knacks will challenge each and every taste bud of our guests. The specialty and signature dishes here will also bring the whole dining experience to a different height so be sure to try them out anytime soon.

What's more, the beach relaxation thrill continues with the visit down at the Sari Dewi Spa where hotel guests will be pamper and immerse in the 100% all natural massage treatment in the comfort of a private room or under the clear blue sky at the outdoor gazebo while enjoying the calming musical splashes of the seawaters. So, to endure in such amazing beach expedition, do come by Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island this holiday!



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